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"FLAME" is a 3D Animated short film, in which Flame is born during a stormy night and the very storm that created her is now a threat to her survival. Executed as a group project of Escape Studios 3D Animation in just 9 weeks.

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In a dark, stormy night in the desert, Flame is born.

Flame is a 3D Animated short  for which I was the Art Director, Character Designer and one of the Animators. Our core team comprised of 7 members to create this endearing story of survival from script to final render in just 9 weeks.

We’re grateful to have received the consultation of Francesca Pesce, a Lighting and Compositing Supervisor as well as the support from Sound Engineer, Jung Mergs who helped bring our vision to life.

We're delighted that “FLAME” has been selected by various festivals.

CineShots Film Festival, 2019
Horsham Film Festival, 2020
Deptford Film Festival, 2020
Golden Nugget Film Festival, 2020
SOUL Festival, 2019
Seattle Film Festival, 2020

The Team

Art Director/Character Design - Cherelle Owusu
Producer - Carolina Xavier
Rigger/2D Effects - Luis David Marcillo-Coronado
Story/Editor - Victor Andreas Lopez
Concept Artist/Sound Design – Joshua Thomas
Mergim Gashi aka Jung Mergs – Sound Design

Animators - Cherelle Owusu, Carolina Xavier, Luis David Marcillo-Coronado, Victor Andreas Lopez, Joshua Thomas, Paloma Zhu. 

3D Modelling - Carolina Xavier, Luis David Marcillo-Coronado, Victor Andreas Lopez, Joshua Thomas.

Flame modelled and rigged by Luis David Marcillo-Coronado.

Caveman modelled by Victor Andreas Lopez.

Produced at Escape Studios, 2019

Here's our website to see our progress from start to finish: 

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