The Father - Short Film Character

The Father - Short Film Character

Flavian Josca
by flavianjosca on 26 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This character was made for a group short film project "Snowball" that has yet to be released.

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This was a character I made for a short film project that spanned across 6 months during my time at 3DSense Media School. Making this character taught me a lot on how to make a functional character for production and a lot of the problems that come with it.

Roughly 2 months was spent on him, from start to finish, including going back and forth between myself, concept artists, riggers, and animators to make sure the model could accommodate our needs. Also the fact that stylized was a new thing for us was also a new hurdle we had to learn how to jump over.

one of the plethora of challenges that came with this project was the fact that the modelers in the team had to learn a new software: Houdini and Redshift. We had to quickly get used to doing these new things as we decided it was best suited for our pipeline.

We needed 2 versions of the lookdev, a dry one and a wet one for the purposes of the film. So here are some comparisons

Another thing we learned through this project was the fact that a pretty looking topology, might not always be the topology that we needed, or one that was very functional, that it depends on the needs of the project.

P.S. fun fact, I even had to learn 3D Animation and FX Lookdev for this project both of which were not my specialty.

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