Portfolio 2020

Portfolio 2020

Jen Delle Monache
by jendellemonache on 29 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hey everyone! I am happy to share with you my Showreel. You can find some pictures from my latest work, I mostly use the Marketplace to find some assets, and take care of the set dressing and lighting! You can also find some screenshots from my student short movie that is currently in production so... no spoilers!!

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Forest Cabin

Unreal Engine lighting, made using some assets I found on the Unreal Marketplace. I just added the Cabin (also found on the marketplace) in the scene to add a focus element and some storytelling in the scene too.


Here is another small lighting exercise I did in my spare time! I found the asset on the Unreal Marketplace and then, with the help of Jeremy Vickery and his amazing tips, I did a couple of different lightings, night and sunset.

Abandoned Mansion

I did the set dressing and lighting in this project and I used the assets from the "Abandoned Manor" package that I found on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Portrait Lighting 

Sculpting made by Lucas Margolliet, an incredibly talented classmates at Bellecour Ecole. I made the lighting and compositing in these shots. 

Space Kitchen - Student Short Movie ( Bellecour Ecole )

Some screenshots from my student short movie "Space Kitchen". I'm lead on the project and also take care of the lookdev and environment texturing, set dressing, CFX, shotsculpt, lighting, rendering and compositing. Here are the names of all the element of the group: Amandine Bernard - François Pelle - Gael De Franca - Alexia Merlin - Gaelle Roche for the "3D team". As for the Concept Artist: Léa Bigorie - Gautier Filliard - Lucas Ambs - Arthur Mougne.

Little Disorder - Student Short Movie ( Bellecour Ecole )

Here are some screenshots from the short movie "Little Disorder", another student movie made by extermely talented classmates! I just helped them on these few shots with the lighting intention! I worked with the lighting artist of their group to have a clear picture of what the mood of these scenes was so as to be able to find a good lighting in theese shots. Here are the names of all the elements of the group: Antoine Grégoire - Alicia Sabot - Armen Pamokdjian - Loona Fruhinsholz - Camille Dubois - Alicia Lagrost.

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