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Eleanor Kirkwood - Project Work

Eleanor Kirkwood - Project Work

Eleanor Kirkwood
by eleanorkirkwood on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there! This is a compilation of both personal and university projects that I have worked on while studying at Flinders University / CDW Studios.

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Project 01: Tick's Home

This is the concept work I've done for a personal project I hope to progress further in the future. It focuses on a small, clockwork robot named Tick as he learns about the world around him.

Tick (Character Design)

Tick is a clockwork robot built to look like a child. He lives out in a deserted, isolated area and often goes outside to explore. He tries to cover himself up a lot to avoid getting sand and dirt in his joints – which would stop him from moving properly.

The following images are from a past assignment where I used Tick to explain how he displays emotion - which can be difficult given that he covers most of his face.

40 (Character Design)

40 is an older model robot built by the same creator as Tick. Because 40 was built to be more functional, rather than look like a human, 40 is able to withstand the environment better.

Over time, 40 discovered that they enjoyed acting like a human. To help accomplish this, they would wear any sort of clothing that would fit, and began painting a mouth and eyelashes onto their face.


Tick lives with 40 in a small cottage that was previously inhabited by his long-gone creator. Because both current inhabitants are robots, neither have any use for the kitchen. So, Tick uses most of it to hold plants and other trinkets he finds. One of these plants managed to grow a mind of its own and ended up taking over one of the corners of the room. Tick doesn’t seem to mind though.


Tick took over his creator’s bedroom and uses the desk area for repairing some of the broken objects he finds while exploring. Tick never figured out what the bed was for, so he largely uses it as another place to leave all of the other curiosities that he doesn’t know what to do with.

This was also an assignment where I had to design an item or piece of furniture - in this case, Tick's desk - and its environment.

Project 02: Campfire Group

Campfire Illustration

This is a concept piece based on my project involving a 'Dungeons and Dragons' style world and a group of traveling adventurers. The intention of this project is for it to be a graphic novel or 2D animation.

Lake House

This is a concept piece for this project. It explores the idea I have for a supporting character's home - which is a ruined tower surrounded by a lake.

Ryker (Character Design)

Ryker is a young man from a small farmer village. He is a talented seer and fortune-teller who currently lives and works as an apprentice and carer to his teacher, Mae. He and his teacher both worship an all-seeing god known as ‘The Wandering Eye’. Worshippers of this god often decorate their eyes and hold a talisman decorated with the god’s symbol.

Florence (Character Design)

Florence is an elven bard who hops around from place to place to perform, while also following a trail of clues that she hopes will lead her to her sister. Florence is rather excitable and enjoys collecting souvenirs and trinkets from everywhere she goes – these are rarely special things, sometimes they’ll be a scarf, other times just a simple stone that she liked the look of.

Ine (Character Design)

A half-elf medic/cleric searching for his missing brother. He has a rather cold personality, although he still tries to do good by others.

This specific piece doubled as a major project piece for one of my classes at CDW Studios.

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