Original Characters Illustration

Original Characters Illustration

Alicia Liu
by alicialiu on 24 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I really like to design characters of the story I created. I've made some comics, novel, and illustrations for them. I'm also trying to apply some fashion design, graphic design elements into my works. You may see some of my recent illustrations here and hope you enjoy them!

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These are my original-character illustration pieces I've down recently.

The basic concept of their story setting  is a little like a science-dominated world. Almost no one believes in any religions at the new age. However, the science development has hit its saturated point; there are hardly improving. People want some change. Then, there's an "unknown" person spreading a pack of 24 liquid solutions-- It contains different GENE extractions from the monsters, gods in the ancient mythology that people almost forgot. For example, the Chinese Spring god Gou Mang, and the Egyptian monster Seth etc.

A side-product I designed with the world concept. Selling the solution as a drinking brand.

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