Lost in the darkness
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Lost in the darkness

A mystical land lost in a remote region of a world dominated by magic and darkness. This world is ruled by the " Cursed Prophets" :they were once humans and now sadistic creatures ( considered a gods incarnation by the survivors) who almost destroyed the whole mankind.No one is allowed in their territory ...

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Update - 1 May 2020

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Update - 5 Apr 2020

So this is the last update and I'm quite satisfied with the result. It has been a good training. Hope you like it, see you around... ( the last two artworks are some steps of the process _ I used Photoshop) 

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Update - 4 Apr 2020

The last sketch of this project...to the final render ( coming soon )

Update - 3 Apr 2020

My ancient guardian final form. Now I can finish "lost in the Darkness"...   

Update - 1 Apr 2020

This will be probably the  environment for the final scene ( I 'm going to change just some detail...or I think so) 

_ Env_mock up

Update - 24 Mar 2020

Environment and mood testing ( sketch and quick render in Photoshop)

Update - 23 Mar 2020

1st quick sketch