Vis Dev | Environment Design | Character Design

Vis Dev | Environment Design | Character Design

Milan Maksimović
by chandriam on 17 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am presenting you collection of various personal projects | Environment designs, Character Designs, Illustrations, and Sketches. Thanks for taking a look!

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Visual Development

"The Romrod"

The biggest and wealthiest city of all in the world of Hammerdale. I've used various visual elements and compositing rules to guide the viewer's eye to the focal point, city.  

The Process from BW to Final

"The Essence of power"
The Mighty Oak - owner of the essence/crystal. He's not only an owner, yet a protector of one of  3 crystals that are keeping the world in balance. I wanted to present a massive tree, so I used character and birds to show scale and proportion. With different tones of green, I tried to convey the impression of a magic forest.

"The Raptor Attack"

The Creation Process

I am creating one level of an RPG game as my final project for a Master's degree. Because of that, I had an unfinished 3d model of my main character, that I've used in this keyframe. I've created raptors in 3D Coat, and some of the assets. And when I created a composition that I liked, I took a snapshot and imported it in Photoshop, and then painted over it. 

"The Gate"

"The Hamerald" and "The Junge waterfall"

I draw places that Id love to visit. This is one of those places. It is in the middle of the jungle, and the jungle is full of caves, rivers, weird-looking trees and amazing creatures that we dont know they even exist.

Character Design

Illustrations | Envrionments

"Road trip"

"Sci-Fi City TES 711"

I'm constantly exploring new tools, technologies, and online courses. I consider myself as a constant student and willing to explore as much as I can in order to improve my art. "Sci-Fi City 711" is a futuristic city concept done for Jama Jurabaev's course "Intro to 3d concept design". 

The Process

I've designed silhouettes for the buildings and then used them as stencils in 3d coat, later on, I've exported 3DC models to the Keyshot. I've used Keyshot for texturing and rendering, to get a solid 3d base to paint over. The rendered image and depth pass I imported to Photoshop and finished the concept. 

"The Chase"

Highly inspired by Star Wars, spaceships fights.

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