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Tim Van Wassenhove  - Portfolio

Tim Van Wassenhove - Portfolio

Tim Van Wassenhove
by timvanwassenhove on 24 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

On my entry for the rookies, I tried to show the best of my skills. I am a DAE student and my main interests are environments, PBR modelling, and animation. Though I chose to show some of my PBR models, because I am most proud of them.

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The leatherman Signal

My first 3D model I want to show is one of my favorite ones, it's a modeld version of the leatherman signal made in 3ds max and then textured with substance painter.

samurai edge albert.W.model 01

The inspiration for this model came from my favorite game series Resident evil, I really wanted to try my hand at the guns in this game.

The samaruai edge albert weskers 01 was modeld in 3ds max and textured in substance painter.

Medical case

This model is a 3D version of Olympia Sweetman concept design from the Lancer RPG book,  I got the pleasure and acceptance to model out the art.

You can find the original concept and more work here: . 

Be sure to check out the other amazing art this person made on their artstation.

I hope you enjoyed the work you saw on my page and thank you for taking the time to check it out.

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