Iva Tsvetkova portfolio entry

Iva Tsvetkova portfolio entry

Iva Tsvetkova
by ivatsvetkova on 16 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A variety of artworks showing the creative view of a young artist who is passionate about making interesting and beautiful characters.

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Personal art 

Some artworks that I did during my free time in between school projects. My biggest inspiration is female beauty and elegance.  I am perticularly interested in character design and so my artworks contain a variety of pretty girls, fantasy creatures and emotional pieces.

I am considerably new to the digital art, nevertheless I keep practicing it and I am trying different approaches towards it.

Character design

Drawings done for Character design course at Howest DAE. This course really pushed me away from my comfort zone and made me explore my fantasy and create these beautiful works that I wouldn't have known that I can make if it wasn't for it.

The Dragon post office

Naga Kantor Pos or the Dragon post office was an assignment at DAE to design a dragon stable on a cliff inspired by an exsisting tribe. I made various studies and thumbnails with different tribes, but in the end I stopped on Batak Toba. After the design we had to make a nice enviromental composition.

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