Batman - King Arthur

Batman - King Arthur

Aldo Del Valle
by aldodelvalle on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I started this project to practice and fun, it end up being an endurance test, but I'm glad to finish it and push my own limits. I hope you like it!

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Batman created by Bob Kane & Bill Finger.

This project turned out to be, in addition to learning and personal challenge, completely cathartic in the end, exemplified by elements like the grappling gun and base.

Thanks to everyone!  The judges, the sponsors and the Rookies team!

Somehow, I think next three pics tell a story.  A little more in the detective tone, I think.

Using the extra time, I played and learned a bit with Marmoset Toolbag. I love it!! Quick and easy, I finally start learning about renders and light.

I did the face textures manually in Mari and Substance Painter. Only some details use projection, as seen in the images.

I chose not to spend too much time on details that would not be visible, such as ears or hair.

Game ready Character

The manual retopology of the body has 5,000 polygons, which I subdivided to be able to pose it better.

54,807 polygons for the character, including the grappling gun and cape.

252 polygons for the base

Base modeling in Zbrush

Retopology in Topogun

Cape in Marvelous Designer

Bake in Substance Painter

Unwrapped in Modo

Textures in Substance PainterMari

Render at Marmoset Toolbag.

King Arthur reimagined.

This was my entry in the Challenge on King Arthur. The idea and design of the character is mine, made it thanks to the contest briefing.

At that time, I was just beginning to handle concepts such as low poly meshes, baking, etc ... It was my third attempt to complete the process. For this Rookie contest, I went back to render them. Just modify the textures a little, specifically the roughness. Everything else is as it was at the time.

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