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First year learning Projects

First year learning Projects

clayton ferreira silva
by claytonindievfx on 11 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

those are some of the projects i made in my jorney from known nothing about 3d and filmmaking to some i really loved to discover. most of it is still in progress

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Viking Ship - working progress

Inspired by  a tv show (the last kingdom)

I modeled using a base mesh to get the proportions , them i Uved with 20 Udim because i wanted to be sort  of a hero asset to hold for close ups (not extreme ones)

Also did rigging and add dynamic ropes and sail  using maya's dynamic sys

I collected some references and started texturing in mari by using procedurals and hand paint

rendered with vray but i made also a arnold version

Helicopter UH60 -

For this one i got the model from a friend he asked me to make it fly haha

i textured, rigged, animated and rendered using vray i thinks it turned out realistic

i dont have much material left to show

Alien Spaceship from District 9 -

I was  practicing  compositing here is a simples breakdown with a still from the film and a drone plate i matchmoved

Rescue Spaceship - working progress

i got this model from internet to practice texturing in mari its my first mari project

trying to get my mind around to the workflow in mari

The story is that this  is a futuristic abandoned rescue spaceship in a pos war enviroment,

some renders with arnold

later on i will rig and animate for a short film

Lost Helmet -

My first animation renderer (redshift) , i textured the helmet in maya node graph the animation is a rigid body with a small push , earth , moon , sun and Iss are composites projected on geometry

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