Projects by Wouter Gillioen

Projects by Wouter Gillioen

Wouter Gillioen
by woutergillioen on 11 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I'm a student at Digital Arts and Entertainment Belgium who focuses on environments and prop modeling. Here's some of my recent work. Hope you enjoy!

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Oh Dear! - C3PO

Main goal of this project was recreating the composition and lighting from the painting "a cobbler in his workshop" by David Tenier II (ca. 1670). Everything was fully modeled in Maya and textured with substance painter and substance designer.

First step was ofcourse recreating the lighting and blocking out the scene. Next step was replacing those blockout shapes with actual models, i really tried making sure every prop came out of the movies (mainly Phantom Menace and A New Hope). Modeling C3PO was one of the challenges during this project since i never really modeled a character like this before and it really had to be spot on for people to recognise him. I decided to give C3PO his red arm (from The Force Awakens) to break up his texture a bit. The material on C3PO was fully made in the Maya Hypershade with Arnold material nodes.

1972 De Tomaso Pantera

First time doing something high poly with the SubD workflow. The car was modeled and textured in 3DsMax.

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