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Creatures for Games

Daniel Cabello
by danielcabello on 13 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! My name is Daniel and here is my entry for the Game Development category :) I am studying the last year of Game Art in Cardiff and I really love doing creatures and animals. But as far as I know, finding a job as a creature artist is quite specific and hard, so I will put all my skills to improve!

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Final images taken from Unreal Engine 4

Skin variations for fun! :)

Textures for presentation are 4K but for games, they can easily be turned into 2K or even 1K.

Mesh is composed of 9.800 Triangles and 3 different UDIMS for better skin quality

Some of the Highpoly process in ZBrush

Real-time demonstration in Unreal Engine 4

In this personal project for the University, I wanted to move away from real-world and try something new like imaginary creatures.

I didn't want to stick to realistic textures, so I tried hand-painted textures, something more stylized. For that, I took a lot of inspiration for the Total War: Warhammer 2 games 

This creature is an unknown species from a world of menacing tribes fighting for the control of land and resources. These ones are "Gorimmoth", peaceful but defenders of their own. They would give anything for their family and their home.

They live with other types of creatures. Together they defend themselves and progress in the fight for survival.

They are not very sociable with other tribes, so it is difficult to reach commercial agreements with them.

They usually prefer to be away from others. Their strength and intelligence is so powerful and they can defend themselves without any extra help.

Their weakness point unfortunately is agility, but for that, there are specific subspecies of the tribe with different abilities to support them in combat while they are in the front lines of the battle.

Different sizes to make sure it is able to be identified from different scales for a strategy game that uses a top view.

It has a total of 32.000 Triangles.

2 Different UDIMS and 2K textures

I've posted to ArtStation store a PDF Journal where you can download it for Free and check from closer this project I've made for the University. :)

I also wanted to show that I am able to create realistic characters. But I am going, to be honest, I need more practice on the hair cards and the clothing. 

So this was a side project made in less than 1 week just to test my skills on sculpting characters, texturing them and rendering in a real-time software. 

The sculpting was based in the style of the dishonored guards. I love those exaggerated facial expressions. 

This is just a WIP but I need to work a lot more in those lips! :S

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