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Stylized playable game

Stylized playable game

Seonhwa Park
by qlfks26 on 11 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Senior thesis game made by Seonhwa Park, a student of Ringling College. [Game link at the bottom]. Video link somehow not working >>

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Ringling College Senior thesis game

made by Seonhwa Park

Frames were colored with just basic color and masking the sections using AO&H map.

Making master material of small branch then give options to whether have both branches and leaves or just one of them with Material Instance.

Animating the branch with the wave texture and masking out the root section with a sphere mask.

Adding dither on the textures to give more painterly look and to avoid sharp edge of the mask.

Character material utilized similar method explained above and shows different brush strokes based on the camera angle

Part of the game play above

Packaged game file link below

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