A Mobile puzzle game were you control a small lynx with the power to change season. Made in 6 weeks at the game development school "The game assembly" (TGA) in Malmö. Created by Group: Fours of Nature Google Play Store link:

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Lynx is a mobile puzzle game which was the second project we did at our school, The Game Assembly (TGA) in Malmö. Our group "Fours of Nature" consisting of 13 people (2 Level designers, 5 Programmers, 3 Graphic designers, 3 Animators), were tasked to make a mobile puzzle game using Unity during 6 weeks. At the start of the project, you are supposed to choose a game to take inspiration from, for which we chose "Lara Croft GO" as ours.

In Lynx you play as a lynx (obiously) with the newly acquired power of changing the season. The goal is to get to the end of 14 puzzle-filled levels unscathed. Can you do it?


The forest is a dangerous place for a small lynx, even without season changing powers. He has to be smart and use his powers wisely to traverse the forest unharmed. 

How to Play

Lynx has a fairly simple input system, swipe in the direction you want to go towards and the lynx will jump in that direction. The tiles you move to have different properties, some may only be traversable during winter others may attract the attention of angry wolves. Think before moving, and pay attention to the order you have to do things in, and you'll do fine. 

Challenges and Hardships

This is the first mobile game project we have ever made(and it's the first time our school has a mobile game project as well ), which came with some hardships in how to handle inputs and normal things you'd take for granted on PC, like managing file size and computing power. 

We also spent some time making a level editor for our level designers which was a challenge and caused several different problems during the project. 

We saved all the levels into binary files and sometimes during the project the reading of the files stopped working properly so many stages had to be re-done and alot of development time was lost as a result. Luckily we got all of it working in the end and no stages had to be scrapped.

This was also the first project which needed fully animated 3D-models to get a passing grade. 

Our animators had to learn fast and work hard to get our animated models working correctly, but it was not in vain, because now the animations are considered by many to be the highlight of our game. 

Level editor Images

Download game:

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