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Pietro Bernardi - Look Dev and Texturing Entry

Pietro Bernardi - Look Dev and Texturing Entry

Pietro Lopez Bernardi
by pietrolb on 9 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be with you all here. This is my entry for Look Development, Lighting and Texturing section of the contest. It's a compilation of 4 of my best works, 2 of them were selected by Pixar Animation Studios as a finalist and an honorable mention.

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The Professor

I had a go Look Developing the amazing work from Jimmy Levinsky on his model The Professor in order to refine my view of the development of a character. I balanced myself in making it faithful to the original model but adding my own spin on it in terms of materials and textures.

Build a Home for the Little

This is my entry for Pixar's Renderman Woodville Challenge. I am proud to announce that my art received an honorable mention in the challenge. The idea of my artwork is to sell the concept of such a small portion of a forest amidst its monumental overall. I wanted to use the perspective as close to the ground as possible and give this idea of macro aspect. I had a huge inspiration from the famous The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. Our objetive in the challenge was to create a story using the Woodville asset provided, texture and light everything.

I would like to thank Christoph (The Stoff) Schoch for the awesome Link model, I heavily modified it, but check it out at his gumroad page:

The Last Winter

The Last Winter is my entry for Pixar's Renderman Rustic Cabin Challenge, we were asked to light, shade and texture everything in the scene in order to create a compelling final shot. In this challenge, I had the honor of being part of the finalists among other very talented artists. I would like to thank Pixar and all of the great Renderman community for the great opportunity!

The Last Winter is a representation of a abandoned wood cabin in the middle of a forest during wintertime. What mysteries or secrets could it be hiding? Why does the fire still burn? Is it really abandoned? No ones knows, but someone is about to find out.

Main Models by Taylor Schulze and Alyssa Minko © Disney / Pixar - RenderMan "Rustic Cabin" Art Challenge

Forsaken Gold

In Forsaken Gold I wanted to experiment a very deep underwater art creation. Many pirate ships have sunk in history, what treasures could the vast ocean hide from us 'till this day. This is what I wanted to represent in this render.

I would like to thank the following modellers for making their models available for use:

mark2580 -

thehydrous -

liye.yan1994 -

Amanda Alavi -

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