One year of ArchViz in Unreal Engine 4

One year of ArchViz in Unreal Engine 4

Wessel Huizenga
by wes98 on 8 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Arround march 2019 I discovered that ArchViz was a thing. I Always was a big fan of creating game art but never felt like this was something I would get old with. When I found ArchViz, I knew I found my real passion. I combine all the teqniques I learned in game art to create my ArchViz. This is my journey...

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At the start of the recent semester at my studies, we had been given the assigment to create something that expresses me as a person, and tacle a new skillset you haven't done before. I decided to create an interior that reflects my style and mood. I used certain colors to reflect some of the emotions I had at the time of making this.

I wanted to learn more about photorealistic lighting inside Unreal Engine. By doing lots of research I came to know more and more about the subject matter. I decided to put everyting in a scene created from scratch. This way I kept devolping and speeding up my modeling skills inside Blender. It took me arround 3 months (3-5 hours a day) to create this entire scene.

I found a blueprint online that I wanted to recreate. I kept the scene as close as possible to the refrence that I had found, this was a good training for my eyes. I kept everything optimized and used verious 'game-art' techniques to enhance the scene. This scene is completly renderd in UE4

I wanted to create a scene in a short period of time to challenge myself. For this project I put up a timer for 50 Hours. Within this time I wanted to create a cozy room that was occupied by one person.

As a student having a longer summer break I could challenge myself yet again by making a new environment in EU4. The giving goal I had set for myself was to create a bigger environment yet photoreal within around a month time.

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