Frankenstein's Monster
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Frankenstein's Monster

by zionlove on 28 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

My depiction of a modern Frankenstein's Monster

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Update - 10 Mar 2020

And just in time before the competition closes I have my final render,  ideally I wanted to do a character sheet on top of this ,although couldn't find the time to do so, Overall i really like the final design although am slightly sceptical on weather it fits the brief as closely as I would have liked. Nevertheless! the silhouette is interesting and I think this could make for a very cool game character so I will probably be taking this into the realm of 3D.

Analytical notes : 

-I really like the posing and mood of this piece although feel that it does fall flat in places
-A background would really help sell the character and ground them in a story
- textural and material rendering could be improved (More studies needed)

Overall any and all feedback is welcome, thanks for taking the time to check out my submission!

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Update - 9 Mar 2020

Some colour/ value exploration before starting the thumb nailing process for my final render

After some more feedback the 2 most popular designs were 1 and 2, looking at the values to the right though I feel that 1 is better since the octopus body and the human skin are close in value almost making them bleed into one another more making the monster feel overall more consistent. I also really like the blue highlights on 1.

As you can see i've ticked the ones i personally like although I feel that 10 is the most captivating  so this is the pose and general sort of mood i will go for for my final render, before this more refference is gathered to help when it comes to rendering all of the different materials involved.

Update - 9 Mar 2020

After creating some quick variants as seen below for the spinal modification I asked for some feedback from friends both within my course and studying completely unrelated degrees. To which there was an overwhelming preference to design number 10 as all par 1 chose this as one of their 3 favourite designs so i was confident on taking this through to the final design:

After this I wanted to explore some more face options so  I created the following moodboard and began sketching

From these I really liked the Asian facial structure since this gave a very unique feel to my design, although the feedback given people seemed to like number 4 and 7 the most so I decided to put it all together and try each of the faces out

Update - 1 Mar 2020

After taking a step back and carefully considering my work so far I made a list of the things I liked and was certain to work into the final design

- Upper body of a man
-Arachnid type design
- 6-8 limbs including the arms
-Long black hair
-crab legs with a spiders proportions

I then began thinking about how the body would be put together, to this I concluded that just being stitched together wasn't the direction I wanted to go so i began thinking about some bio mechanical ideas and exploring these also trying some new body shapes just to keep every new drawing at this stage expressing some new proportions and to always be experimenting with the silhouette in mind.

I particularly liked the artificial spine modification since it made sense for this to be necessary for control over the non human parts of the body as well as had a very unnerving feel to it. so i decided to create a cleaner drawing for this digitally to be iterated upon further.

Although at this point I still prefer the silhouette with the large octopus body. And will be moving forward with this in mind.

Update - 28 Feb 2020

After looking at the reference videos provided, I concluded that the movement pattern portrayed was one of 2 interpretations, either that of an ape like creature seemingly aggressive but in a self defensive way or that of a creepy horrific insect like creature with very twitchy erratic movement, because of this i decided to look for some animals that fit, as well as add in some interesting ones such as the walrus and ram to inspire other ideas, I Then proceeded to create the following silhouettes:

out of these sillhs I liked the arachnid ones the best, hence i decided to explore this idea further:

After some feedback a course mate of mine suggested I make the body resemble that of an octopus.

I also wanted to play around with some bio luminescence as seen in deep sea creatures so i created another mood board along with some face iterations of which my course mate liked the top right one the most saying that in his mind the creature shouldn't have an overly attractive face:

I then did some quick movement exploration for this design:

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