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Melanie Geley // CONCEPT ARTS

Melanie Geley // CONCEPT ARTS

Melanie Geley
by geleymelanie on 19 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Concept Arts and Matte Painting I did these past years. Different worlds, ambiances and colors. Hope you will like it.

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Destination the moon // hyperstructure concepts

Personnal project done with 3D base and photobashing.

Terra Nova // Concepts

Concepts done for my graduation movie called " Terra Nova " done with Mickael Le Mezo, Guillaume Hoarau and Thomas Battistetti. Our movie was nominated and won the VES award for outstanding visual effects in a student movie.

3D base - Painting - Photobash

Terra Nova // Matte Paintings

These are the final shots in which I did the Matte Paintings corresponding to my concepts.

Matte Painting done for the poster of the movie.

Iceland land of wonder // Concepts

Several concepts I did for personnal projects. Differents ambiances inspired by my trip in Iceland.

Paint and Photobash.

Track Down // Concepts

Concept done for the graduation ARTFX movie " Track Down " created by Damien Clement, Thomas Godard and Clément Vidal). I worked on the design of their robotic rhinoceros.

Only paint.

Defeated  King // Concept

Personnal project of a robotic king.

Paint and Photobash.

More // Concept Art

Paint and photobash done at ARTFX for the graduation short film MORE ( created by Cyrielle Bounser, Ewald Aloeboetoe, Valéria Raielan, Nicolas Turpin). Work on new proportions for the human body and  design of futuristic clothes and  make-up.

Sigma // Concepts

Concept Arts done at ARTFX school for the graduation short film SIGMA ( created by Mathilde Andrieu, Manon Cauzid, Adrien Radtké, Robin Gaillard). 

Planets and monsters // Concepts

Oldest and various concepts.

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