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Frankenstein's Mammal
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Frankenstein's Mammal

Miko K.
by mikoyaga on 23 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

Re-imagining of Frankenstein's monster, if the scientist were a veterinarian with zoo animals as his supply of body parts.

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Update - 9 Mar 2020

My full design for Frankenstein's Monster. It is a mix of human, pig, gorilla, and bear. The bear arm is hairless as I thought it was more visually interesting; throughout the design I wanted to blur the line between where the human parts end and the animal parts begin.

I kept the eye area human, with the idea that if it were to venture out on its own it could wear a cloak/face covering and be somewhat passable as a human.

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Update - 23 Feb 2020

Rendering of facial structure/skin, my thoughts were based on skin distortion (such as if a larger animal's skin was used over a human base, and also how features like a human nose would react when stretched to fit a wider structure.

Update - 23 Feb 2020

Initial sketch to explore what distinct features I wanted the monster to have. I wanted an odd/irregular hairline, like the scalp was reattached crookedly due to no longer fitting (or something along those lines). I also wanted his face to be partially a pig's, since their flesh is considered comparable to humans I imagine they would heal together well.
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