The creature
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The creature

by aarontzw on 14 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

Remaking Frankenstein with animalistic elements

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Update - 24 Feb 2020

Decided on a more hunched Frankenstein design and using elements from primates and larger animals. I wanted to incorporate electricity since it was a core element in the creation of the creature. I went with the idea of using electric eels and cables to generate electricity that would keep the creature alive. 

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Update - 17 Feb 2020

More wacky exploration sketches

Update - 14 Feb 2020

I started off with a mindmap to help me along the way, trying to figure out the guidelines and what kind of design I'm going for.  I also did some quick thumbnails based on some reference to jog my creativity a bit to get me started. For now, this is mostly just ideation and experimentation phase.

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