Frankenstein's monster
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Frankenstein's monster

by charugayathri on 14 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

I have created my entry for the monster challenge. My concept is to create the Frankenstein monster with powerful features making him a super powerful monster. I just imagined that this time Frankenstein is trying to create a super powerful human but ends up creating a monster.

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Update - 24 Feb 2020

I did a sculpt of my idea. I referred chimpanzee legs and thighs , bear's mouth and human torso for the sculpt . I am planning to play with the proportions and add some extra features to the monster .

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Update - 14 Feb 2020

I did a rough sketch of the Frankenstein monster which I am planning to create. But there will be few changes as my work progress

Did a rough sketch of the monster's face. There will be a lot of changes in the model though.