The Creation
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The Creation

by moki07 on 13 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

Frankenstein's Masterpiece

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Update - 11 Mar 2020

Dang... didn't get time to work on this guy. Here's the last update I have of him. 

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Update - 21 Feb 2020


I've finally settled on a sketch, though still missing surface specifics. Going with the reference of a gorilla stance has gotten me to a good baseline. I've also decided to make this be a masterpiece in the sense where the transitions between parts are much more seamless due to the perfectionist nature of Dr. Frankenstein. Feel free to critic or comment. Thank you all!

Update - 13 Feb 2020

Initiating my entry with a few sketches and raw ideas

Notes from my poor handwriting :

UPDATE: Realized the notes and story are already quite concrete in the challenge already; my notes will evolve over-time

-Reverse/flashback story telling
- Starts with an Interview with a more human form *of Frankenstein* (maybe in this version he has created a "perfect" version of himself hiding in the midst of society)
- *scene* a sinister smile while telling story of his origin (this could be an interview due to his newfound success as a "human" or caught from all of his "collection killings")

-Antlers for use as hook rack? as he collects parts (savage and crude methods of gathering)
-Turns his creator into a slave with dismemberment and splicing modifications

So I wanted to incorporate more animal.... but may have gone full animal.... more sketches to come.

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