Frankenstein's Miscreation
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Frankenstein's Miscreation

Muhammad Asyraaf Imani bin Salahuddin
by starparticles on 13 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

This is my entry for the Monster Challenge

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Update - 25 Feb 2020

added more muscles, improved face

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Update - 21 Feb 2020

i changed the snout of the monster

here are the details for the parts i want to replicate :

-Head/Brain of a human : Intelligence

-Nose of a bear: best sense of smell

-Snout/ mouth of a jaguar : biting force ( Nile crocodile has a stronger bite force but it does not look good with a human head)

-Eye of an eagle : sight

-Fangs of the Gaboon Viper/Inland Taipan : longest fangs / venom

-Claws of the Harpy eagle : sharpest claws

-Legs/arms of a cheetah: fastest

-Scales of a pangolin : bullet proof / protection

-Skin of the hippo: bulletproof/protection

-Wings of the albatross: gliding

-Torso of a gorrila: strong

-Pit organs of a snake : infrared sense

-Ear of a spotted bat: excellent hearing range

Update - 18 Feb 2020

i did some minor adjustments to the head, and fix the proportions of the body, 

Update - 16 Feb 2020

Today, I added some ugly detail to the head, I hid the body to reduce lag

Update - 15 Feb 2020

I think i'm satisfied for the base proportions, i've set up a simple studio lighting

I will over-do the muscles to get a more monstrous look

Update - 13 Feb 2020

First, I will focus on the proportions and the likeness of Ace Ruele,

Re-adjusting Head

Re-adjusting body