Frankenstein’s monster
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Frankenstein’s monster

Fabbio Timpano
by fabbiotimpano on 12 Feb 2020 for Monster Challenge

I will be entering the Frankenstein’s monster challenge!

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Update - 20 Feb 2020

Today I decided to bust out a body for my monster, Im keeping it real human-like while in early concept so I don't break my sculpt! I used a base sculpt and then T-Posed it so I could move around limbs. While doing this Im making sure that I keep it close to my brief Frankenstein. 

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Update - 16 Feb 2020

Just a quick head sculpt over the weekend, will get stuck into the anatomy of Frankenstein this week! 

Update - 12 Feb 2020

I have created a Pinterest board for my concept and will be adding to it before I start the 3D sculpt. Feel free to use it along the way!