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Danny's Death
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Danny's Death

This is a 3D Render of the scene where Danny is shot by Thomas and lands into the boat.

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

I will be creating the scene where Thomas shoots Danny into the boat. I will be creating what the scene looked like after the killing.

I started off with the shape of the boat that Danny falls in in Maya. Being sure to keep correct to the reference image

I added additional parts such as the door,  the chimney on top and the rope tie at the front.

I added sacks and the coal as this shows what the boat was used for and is more true to the scene. I was sure to add Danny's hat as a little extra touch to the scene, it's more relatable that way.

Finally I added textures to the whole scene and rendered it with Marmoset. I added red lights and kept the scene moody to fit the tragic scene. Over all I am super pleased with the results.

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