Tailors Store Room
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Tailors Store Room

A take on the 1920s Chinese tailor, inspired by the tailors/brothel in Peaky Blinders.

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Final Final Render

After receiving some feedback on my previous render and scene in general, I decided to go back and look at my scene as a whole to change it in a way which keeps the theme that I was going for while adding a better composition overall.


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Update - 5 Jan 2020

Final Render


Over the course of this project, I have made sure to keep screenshots of the progress being made so that you can see the scene getting built up over time. Doing this allowed me to look back on what I have done to see if there is anything that I prefer over my current version allowing me to change it back.


Below are some shots of example assets I have created to use in this scene using a mixture of Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter.

Material Creation

With an idea of what the scene will be, I have set out creating some primary materials which will be used in my scene. Creating the peeling paint was an interesting one to do as its something I haven't done before while wooden flooring is a fairly simplistic one to create and bricks and fabric having their own ready nodes which I decided to expand upon a little to add better definition/detail.


While I enjoy the original scene from Peaky Blinders, I would find it more interesting to create an original scene inspired by the example given. To do this, I decided to do some research into how Chinese businesses began to open up in England around the 1900s. When the Chinese migrated to England, at the time there was a lot of discrimination against them as the English believed they would steal their jobs. this would lead to businesses being attacked/ransacked. this is something that id like to feature in my scene as it will add more story and context to the shot.

Inspiration and Blockout

When looking through episodes of Peaky Blinders, there was one shot in Season 1 Episode 6 which really stood out to me. It takes place in the Chinese tailors/brothel. I really like the shot they have used as well as the lighting and is something that I would enjoy recreating. I have started this project by creating a block out of the scene inside Maya and created a quick render inside Marmoset to get an overall feel of what it will be like

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