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Pocket Watch

I decided to create a pocket watch that wouldn't look like traditional pocket watches.

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Update - 4 Jan 2020

I'm a little late for the whole progress upload things, but I was able to snap some progress pictures while I was working on this project. 

I decided to go with an interesting look for a pocket watch. When I was researching pocket watches, most of them were very bland looking and traditional. I eventually found this one and fell in love and knew for a fact this was the type of watch I wanted to be inspired from.

The image below is a reference image. It's an antique gold pocket watch from Florence Scovel.

This is a first pass / blockout of the general shape I wanted the watch to look like. I wanted to generally keep it lowpoly for it be game engine ready.

This is an update after polishing a little bit more and making it look smoother by adding more edge loops. Also changed the middle part to come out to give the numbers an "embedded" look!

These are some screenshots of the finished version of the watch. Added the chain and hands. Black wireframe is lowpoly and red wireframe is the highpoly! This is the final model version. Both highpoly and lowpoly models for texturing purposes.

And finally! These are the final renders, all textured.

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