Pub design - Concept art
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Pub design - Concept art

Hello! For my entry to the Peaky Blinders Contest, I am creating some concept art for an alternate interior design to the Garrison - or an entirely new pub that the Shelbys might run!

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

A more detailed 1080p version of the final piece! I liked the long canvas as it shows more environment, but somewhat prefer the 1080p one here compositionally which is closer to the first thumbnail I drew. 

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

The final painting!

I tried to complete as much as I could in the little time I had, and it went through so many changes with problem solving needed, one reason being I did not have access to a 3D modelling software such as Maya due to going home for Christmas with a different setup - therefore, creating perspective was difficult. The original iterations actually had more characters within the piece, but the scene became too busy, and so I reduced it simply to Thomas Shelby, a man and his dog so there was a more precise focal point. I explored using warmer colours with cool accents and contrasted lighting. I wanted to create a bleak, dark environment, and think I did this fairly well.

The painting uses both photo-bashing and matte painting techniques. I would like to have painted the bar area with bottles, but ran out of time. So let's pretend the place got robbed. :)

Overall, I believe there are improvements I could make, but considering I am not used to interiors, architecture or hard surface design, I feel that this was a good learning experience and practice! I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. 

Update - 3 Jan 2020

I created several value studies for different interiors from potential angles to get a basic idea for part of a pub, including exploration of lighting, since the series is quite bleak and dark upon observation. I was inspired from my previous research on pub architecture during the Carlisle Experiment and applied this to the thumbnails. I also notice that the show utilises cold and warm colours in their colour palette, especially blues/greys and oranges/yellows with subtle hints of green. This will be further explored in the final painting. 

For the sake of conciseness and clarity in the explaining of my ideas, the top row here will be labelled as '1', '2', '3' - and the bottom row as '4', '5', '6' respectively. 

Overall, I feel that '1' and '5' could potentially be an extension of each other compositionally, as in one side of the pub to another - likely '5' will be sans the bar area, as I don't want it to be too similar to the Garrison with the side room despite the inspiration. The sitting booth seen in '3' could be present next to said small room, and the front door between it and an extension of the bar area such as in '6', which is seen at another possible angle in '2'. I feel that the more modern look is more stylish and artistically inspired. I liked the idea of a lower area with the main bar area being elevated like in '4', but I preferred the other ideas. I thought that barrels could be hoisted and stored on higher ground rather than a cellar underneath the elevated area. I liked the window in '5' and so repeated it in '6' on the other side of the pub as they seemed more interesting than in '1'. I could take the windows from '1', however, and use them for the wall beside the side room in '5' instead. 

Essentially, the final piece will be a combination of ideas from these thumbnails. I will work this out with a bashed 'pre-concept' before finalising and moving forward with painting the scene. I also will put some characters for context and scale as well as to make the place feel worn and 'lived in'. It could also count as a small fashion/character design study along with the environment concept art!  

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Update - 3 Jan 2020

For this project, I decided to create a environment design to push my skill for concepts in hard surface interior designs - having seen only the Garrison pub in the series, I thought it might be a good idea to explore what another pub or bar may look like if the Peaky Blinders had another hang out spot to resort to, given their expanding 'businesses'.

I began my research with a mood board inspired by 1910s to 1920s pub interior designs, and did some reading into the 'State Management Scheme', better known as the 'Carlisle Experiment' in 1916. The Carlisle Experiment was the nationalisation of free houses during the First World War due to arising issues of drunkenness around munitions factories in the UK. As 'Peaky Blinders' Season 1 takes place in 1919, I thought this would be good inspiration for contexts and architectural design as well as what kinds of people were present and what cask ales, stouts, draught beers (Bottled beers also became increasingly popular), taps/barrels were present, etc. Alcohols were watered down with increases to prices and a policy was introduced preventing people treating others to beer rounds. Lager would not have been around at this time because it only became popular for the wealthy in posh areas during the 1920s. Of course, Thomas Shelby's drink of choice is Irish Whiskey - so this won't change!

Henry Redfurn was the head architect responsible for the 'arts and crafts' inspired designs of the New Modern Inns. Pubs had wider spaces where individuals could be monitored easier, respectable women were encouraged into the pubs, and food taverns were opened along with games being provided to discourage drinking habits. Wooden floorboards (sometimes with sawdust) was common, but sometimes pubs had carpet for women to walk. Bespoke crafted features sometimes included gas lamps, carved mirrors and beer taps (although it is still essential to show the poverty of Birmingham during this time). The Carlisle Experiment proved to be highly successful and was finally abolished in 1971. Therefore, I believe that such design choices would have significance and should be reflected; elements of such interior design can indeed already be seen in the Garrison Pub in the series.

(Included in the mood board is some concept art for Assassin's Creed Syndicate by Hugo Puzzuoli to the top right)