Meeting Table Concept
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Meeting Table Concept

I wanted to create a prop that would sit in a meeting place for the gang to conduct business.

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

This is my finished concept. I wanted to keep the colours muted so that it created a dingy and cold atmosphere to the piece. Overall i'm happy with it for the time I did it in, if I were to do it again I would experiment more with the light coming through the window, as I feel I should have put newspaper or boards over the windows and maybe had peaks of light.

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

Some lighting and composition thumbnails for the final piece. I really like the idea of having strong light to highlight the table which makes it seem more dramatic.

Update - 5 Jan 2020

Update - 5 Jan 2020

This is a follow on from my earlier iteration, merging ideas together to create further designs. I like these designs better than the last I think they are visually more interesting.

Update - 3 Jan 2020

Iteration following on from the broken table. I'm going to be taking a few from these and mashing them up as I don't feel like there is a suitable piece yet, but there are aspects from a few of these that I would like to experiment together.

Update - 2 Jan 2020

These are my intial ideas for the table, I wanted something that was true to the time but also a bit different.  I'm currently enjoying the idea of having a broken table, as I can imagine it being the result of many discussions gone wrong and it being true to the time. 

Update - 1 Jan 2020

Initial Mood board for the table I will be doing, with accompanying trinkets.