Cinematic Keyframes
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Cinematic Keyframes

A cinematic scene where Police is looking for Thomas Shelby in the city during a stormy winter evening

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Update - 6 Jan 2020


Here, I rendered out a few frames using Evee in Blender, and painted over two of my favorite ones from the scene.
Then I took it to Photoshop to Art Direct the Image even further. This is because, a Computer can only be used as a tool. It doesn't know what story I'm trying to tell. It doesn't understand focal points and composition basics. Hence, every Render needs to be painted over to make it look more Dynamic and finished, in my opinion.

Also attaching a few more of my Snowy Buildings, Didn't get the time to Use each asset. But I will surely create more Paintings with them, in the coming week. 

End moment submission, 
Had a lovely time trying to push my limits and stay up all night doing this project. Thank you @Rookies for this wonderful platform for students. 

Following are Some Raw Renders which I will plan to finish in the coming week

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Step 3-B : Environment Assets

I am creating a Snowy birmingham environment. 

Here, I textured some Models from scracth, and used Blender's Sculpting tools to create the Snowy effect on the Buildings. 
As a concept artist, my goal is to create a final 2D keyframe. I am not a hardcore 3D modeler, but I do know how to suggestively model and texture my assets quickly, to make them suitable for the Story that I'm trying to tell, in the limited time that I have. 

Created a semi snowy ground plane, and re-textured the Car's 3D Model so that I can add the "Frozen" Cold feeling to it. The model I had, are without those frozen snowy elements. 

I used one of my old Kitbash 3D Models Asset from their Victorian Pack. I feel like, that pack has alot of Birmingham Architectural elements. Collected Vehicle assets off from Sketchfab and re-textured them in Blender.

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

Step 3-A : I used Adobe Fuse to create this character and exported in different poses using Photoshop (not mixamo). 
I then took all the poses to blender and now I'm gonna start arranging my environment assets to design my shots.

Update - 1 Jan 2020

Step 2 : Rough Ideation / Story Beats 

Quick Sketching/Painting is the fastest way to present an Idea to your seniors / Art Director. It is also a way to inspire me to have a quick look at how my world might visually look like. Line Drawing enables me to focus on the overall design of the city's architecture.

I pretty much ignore the rules of perspective and lighting in some of the images, because the Less technical I am, the More creative I can be with my designs. 

In the Follwoing Images, I made some sketches to depict the Aerial view of Birmingham in 1990s. 

Some quick 10 minute paintings to show Thomas Shelby collecting Ammunition from an isolated field. The Police figure out about his plans and find him, so he tries to fight his way through and escape the police. 

Update - 31 Dec 2019

Step 1 : Research Phase 

Before starting off with the project, I took a couple of days to Research on the brief, check out some online documentaries about Birmingham and collected some Images that will Inspire me to create my Final Image and set me in the Mood of this brief. I could analyze the architecture with images  that I collected off from UK history's Archives and some historic monuments that exist even today.

Trying very hard NOT to re-create the Netflix series so that I can create my Own concept.  Hence, I am researching about 1990's Birmingham from scratch.