peaky blinders contest
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peaky blinders contest

the whole process of the creation of a new potential defensive/offensive gadget that can be made during that time period.

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

a detailed sketch for the cigarette case. I try out exploring different carvings for the case and I also iterated the handhold view for the gadget to demonstrate the size of the gadget.

painting of a scene where all three gadgets are placed in a prison. the bucket is placed on the victims head but he is not killed but terrified and his hand is tied on the chair. I was thinking this gadget can be used by them to beat the victim up to get information from them by torturing them.

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Update - 15 Dec 2019

here are some ideas for the defensive gadget carried by people in that time period.

I am thinking about carrying on with these three ideas above for my final painting. They are relatively small and reasonable for the idea of a defensive gadget.

these two ideas above are not considered as the design are too unreal and not functional. 

this is the final idea and I am not too sure about whether if it can be a defensive item to be placed around a certain area and it acts as some sort of trap and injures anyone who kicked on or stepped on it by accident in the dark.

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