The Lewis Gun
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The Lewis Gun

The Lewis, the first full auto machine gun that could be used on the offensive in the ww1 era. It was manufactured and favored by the British during war times. Id argue that these are the closest thing to mass produced Tommy guns, the ultimate cliche weapon for gang members fighting over the streets of London.

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Second last update. Putting this here in case I fall asleep and forget to post the final version.

All that is left to do is the texturing.

Update - 2 Jan 2020

I wanted to see a sorta finalized version so I threw the low poly into substance painter, I definitely have a few things to do and fix up before I bake it, like starting the UV  :   )

I've been messing with the model in z-brush, trying to make it look more natural, add a few rough edges etc.

Update - 18 Dec 2019

Update - 15 Dec 2019

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Update - 13 Dec 2019

The Lewis was the first fully automatic rifle in the WW1 era, manufactured in England and widely favored by the British solders. I've seen one episode of Peaky Blinders (no clue what season) so I'm absolutely clueless on everything besides what I've read in history books, but I do know if I was apart of a gang in England roughly after WW1, I'd want the closest thing to a Tommy gun that I can find, which would definitely be the Lewis.