The Canals
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The Canals

2D Enviroment Concept Art based off the canals location in the Peakys Blinders series.

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Update - 31 Dec 2019

I think this is getting somewhere now! I've added some textures and reinforced the scen lightning, it still lack some heavy detailing and polishing but it's a prettty good starting point!

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Update - 30 Dec 2019

I've started the composition with the thumbnails I've done before, but the scene didn't add up, it was mising something, so I did some explorations with new compositions in mind, with a focal point in the inside of the canals, like a underground city that sitll holds the old traditions in contrast with the surface city wich is rapidly progressing.

I went with the second one, it looks more cinematic and express more the contrast between these two worlds living togetherin the same city. After refining the lines I've begun coloring and lighting the final image.

Update - 21 Dec 2019

I've developed some assets based on the scene I want to recreate, I think it's important to make some previous studies of the objects you want to incorporate into the final environment. 

Now, I dive into the creation of the final scene, I'll be uploading process pieces along the way! Very excited to see what I get!  

Update - 15 Dec 2019

Before proceeding with the enviroment I wanted to make some boat studies, since it-s the main vehicle of the canals and it's going to be an important element of the scene.

I started off with a very simple boat, and added more complexity in each alternative, getting to the final design, a wooden carcass with a steel frame and a chimney that simbolizes the newer engines that drives it.

I think I'm going to study and develop some props for the scene, and then I will begin the final enviroment piece.

Update - 11 Dec 2019

I'd like to create an enviroment concept for tihs contest, more specifically... the canals between Birmingham and all the other towns, main way of transporting people and goods in the old days, are now cast aside in the shadow of the train. These canal are used by gang members as means for all sorts of shady stuff from smuggling goods to corpse disposal.

First off I pulled some references and did some palette study of the city and the canals that match the mood or the ambiance of the scene I'd like to create.

I did some thumbnails in black and white values to quickly and easily recreate and study lighting and frame composition. I tried to emphasize the beggining of the Industrial England, with chimneys and smoke columns as a constant background. 

At the moment I'm deciding between the n° 1, as a more aerial view and the n° 4 wich is a bit more grounded and could lead to more interesting compositions by playig around with its elemens. 

I'll see how it goes.