Gypsy Woman
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Gypsy Woman

by jfox on 8 Dec 2019 for Netflix & Skill - Peaky Blinders

A charcter project that was inspired by my research and coming across The Black Patch, a real life gypsy camp in Birmingham in the early 1900s

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

The costume test where rough outlines to just get an idea of what I could mix and match to make the final design

The test where to see try more clothing designs as well as colour combos to mix and match for the final design as well, i belive the purple top and dark red skirt design will mix well compared to the rest

The final piece im ok with, The holidays and spending time with family did get in the way of the project. The background I felt worked with the nice open fields, with the green providing a good contrast. 

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Update - 8 Dec 2019

A mood board to help search up the fashion of the romanian gypsies of the time

These rough sketches where to help just make some silhouettes, and establish some costume ideas in a small amount of time

 Collaborators: James Fox