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Dynamic Duo

This will be a character design project leading towards a final piece featuring a pair of characters whom work together in committing crimes or participating in fights among the streets of Birmingham/with the Peaky Blinder crew.

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Final Painting 

For my final piece I knew I wanted to take some stylistic liberties when painting, since I didn't want to create something too photo-realistic. I wanted to have elements in this piece that linked to my personal projects (which usually fit into a non-realism horror category) without straying from the brief. I did this by interpreting the depressing age of Birmingham 1919 in my own way and giving my characters gaunt and tired expressions which come across slightly uncanny. I'm happy with my chosen pose which came to life throughout this painting process, showing these characters' independent personalities but still beholding their dynamic as a duo. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of this project, I feel I stayed true to the imagery of 1919 Birmingham and managed to convey my characters as desired.
This was a really fun project that definitely put me out of my comfort zone, I'm glad to have had the chance to take part and experiment with my own style and the Peaky Blinders/1919 themes.

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Update - 31 Dec 2019

Before moving on to my final painting I created some colour iterations. Although simplistic, taking this step has helped me to decide what colours will best compliment my characters and the emotions I'm looking to represent.

After deliberating between my iterations I chose one and made some stylistic alterations, altering the proportions and adding character details. I went with this pose as I enjoyed the subtle dynamism and how each of the characters pose portrays their personality the way I intended; with a head-strong woman who is capable in a fight, and a vigilant man, who is wary and intellect focused.

Update - 6 Dec 2019

Initial character and environment mood boards. Images feature a selection of scenes from the Peaky Blinders show and from England/Birmingham 1919. 

Initial character sketches.

Some more mood boards, exploring men, women and children's fashion in further depth.

The first set of character ideas. This page explores different silhouettes and outfits based off my initial sketches, following this I plan to pair them up and further iterate towards a final duo.

I coupled up all of my initial characters and chose my favourites from them. From here I will decide on a final design to focus on, although I will still take inspiration and use design elements from the other characters when experimenting with my final design.

After deliberating my options, I moved on with a basic model sheet design for each of my characters.

Once finishing off the model sheet I moved onto some basic final pose designs. I wanted something readable but dynamic, to get their personalities across. I intent for the final outcome to have some proportion alterations and add in some more distinct stylistic elements.

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