End Table With Phonograph
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End Table With Phonograph

For this contest, I decided to create a phonograph with an end table. I imagine that this scene might belong in an office, or perhaps a high-end club. I took my time with texturing and tried to get as everything as realistic as possible. It was a lot of fun! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Update - 1 Jan 2020

This is my final update for the Peaky Blinders Contest. I imagine that this table could belong in an office, or perhaps in the corner of an opulent club. I tried to make everything show just the slightest signs of age, along with grease spots and dust to show current use. I had a lot of fun creating my little scene. Of course, I would still love to hear any feedback you may have! 

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Update - 23 Dec 2019

Update - 23 Dec 2019

I think my project is getting very close to completion. It's been a blast texturing everything, and I've learned a lot of things as well. For the final submission, I may need to tweak the lighting and do some cropping. Any advice or critique is greatly appreciated!

Update - 18 Dec 2019

I've added a table, a glass of scotch and an ashtray, and made some more test renders. Texturing has been going really well, taking my time has been paying off. I'm using Quixel megascans for the cigarette ash and phonograph embossing, but everything else is hand painted in Substance Painter. I am assembling the scene and rendering in Blender, since it's a lot easier to texture in than Maya. I'll probably add a bottle to go with the glass next!

Update - 11 Dec 2019

I've finished the phonograph model and started texturing. I'm basing the color scheme off of a phonograph from 1905, which could be feasible for the timeline of Peaky Blinders. My plan is to add a table and a couple more props for the scene, maybe a newspaper and some drink glasses?

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Update - 7 Dec 2019

Today's update:  I have added the needle, arm and support beam to the phonograph. It took a while to get the beam curve just right. I'm still not completely happy with it. 

Update - 6 Dec 2019