Peaky Blinders Industrial Environment Concept
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Peaky Blinders Industrial Environment Concept

A start-to-finish process of creating a 2-D environment concept that would fit into the world of Peaky Blinders.

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Photo Composite #3 (Canal)

I decided to continue with the saturated, cinematic  approach that I had taken in the previous photo-composite. Inspired by stills of the TV-show that  display the industrial atmosphere of the historical era, I chose a colour scheme that would reflect the high levels of pollution from factories. I am happy with how this image turned out, however, as with the other images in this project there is always room for tweaking and improvement.

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Update - 12 Dec 2019

Photo Composite Attempt #2

For the second attempt at photo-compositing I wanted to use a more saturated high-contrast palette to reflect the cinematic look of the TV show. I think that this experiment was effective overall, even if the individual elements of the image do not blend together as well as in the sepia version. I may go back and improve this image later on by adding more people into the scene and adding some more atmospheric fog to achieve the gritty, industrial tone that I am aiming for.

Update - 6 Dec 2019

Photo Composite Attempt #1

Photo-bashing/ compositing is another method of idea generation that I will be using for this project. Originally, I wanted to  manipulate/ collage photographs together so that they resembled my initial thumbnails in terms of composition, but this was very difficult as I could not find images that were close enough in terms of perspective and content.  Instead, I used photo-editing to make this image of modern-day Birmingham look like it came from the early 1900's by removing any modern components and adding old architecture into the scene. I am quite happy with the results, even if the image is quite low-resolution. I think that the muted colour palette along with the addition of the chimneys helps to make the scene look more gritty and industrial.

Update - 4 Dec 2019

Reference Boards

Here are the initial reference boards that I will be using for the duration of this project. I collated images from the show in order to get an understanding of the tone as well as the kinds of colour palettes/ lighting that I should be using in order to create an authentic environment that would fit into the world of Peaky Blinders. I then expanded my research by looking at Birmingham and England in general during the early 1900's to get a better understanding of the lifestyle and the level of technology. Images of modern day Birmingham are also valuable as they allow you to get a more detailed look at the architecture that has survived since the time period that the show takes place in. 

Composition Thumbnails

I created this series of rough black-and-white thumbnails to use as a starting point for the composition/ lighting of my environment. I wanted to ensure that the right mood was conveyed as early as possible before moving on to more detailed drawings and studies. Even though these thumbnails are very basic, I think that they still convey the gritty mood of Peaky Blinders that I was aiming for. I will refer back to these ideas when composing more detailed images in the next stages of the project.