Peaky Blinders line-up
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Peaky Blinders line-up

My line-up of PB characters!

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Update - 5 Jan 2020

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Update - 23 Dec 2019

lines done! i still dont know if im going with lines or if i go with lineless style ! i hope im gonna have time to put more characters ! its very fun to do! 

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Update - 2 Dec 2019

Hello! Here are the sketches for the characters based on some personality traits! Polly being an overprotective mom, smug-face father Hughes, etc. I also figured out their faces and shapes according to the cast! Thank you !  

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Update - 1 Dec 2019

Hello ! First drafts for some characters i like in the show, using references to design their faces and some simple poses ! Id like to submit a line-up for my final entry! (i might add some other characters if i have time!) Hope you'll like it!