Thomas Shelby's car
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Thomas Shelby's car

Hey all! With this project I want to take a little break from another character I'm working on, so I decided to model Thomas' car! It's a challenge to me, I never did something similar so I'm pretty excited! I'll try to post updates every week so you guys can follow along with me! Enjoy the contest! :D

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Update - 22 Dec 2019

Here we go! This is the final model :D

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the proper topology and I'm pretty happy with it. No triangles, no Ngons.

While rendering I've noticed position errors of some details. I'll fix them, create UVs and then I'll jump into texturing.

I would like to say something about this: Probably I'll not submit the textured version for this contest because I don't like to rush things, the deadline is close and there are holydays, probably I'll spend about a week with  parents and friends. 

This contest is a great opportunity to work all together and share our knowledge. I have also partecipated  because I love challenges and I like to be part of them but, remember, submit only the work you are proud of.

So probably you will see just a clay version but no worries, I'm planning to texture it and take the time to do it in the best way possibile!

I hope you all have a nice Christmas and a happy new year! See you soon guys! :D

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Update - 15 Dec 2019

There are a lot of details that I need to improve, I'm working on tiers right now. I'm having a hard time with proportions and smaller details, references are low quality so I must improvise some areas.

The overall look is Finally defined. I'll finish high poly as soon as possibile so I can start detailing seats and internal panels. I'll use Zbrush for sculpting and Substance for texturing. Uvs will be made in Maya.

Here you can find some renders! Let me know what do you think :D

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Update - 8 Dec 2019

Update - 1 Dec 2019

Update - 29 Nov 2019

Update - 26 Nov 2019

It's super important to keep the polycount really really low at the beginning. As you can see here I fixed proportions without problems just selecting vertices and moving them around to match real car!

At this stage I also use crease to help me visualize the overall look. Only when I'm sure about proportions and shapes I'll add edgeloops and crank up subdivision.

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Update - 24 Nov 2019

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Update - 22 Nov 2019

Update - 21 Nov 2019

Update - 20 Nov 2019

This is my schedule, I'll try to follow it as much as possibile even if there is Christmas and others holidays in between .

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