Everyone Out
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Everyone Out

Damian Haywood
by mrdjh on 24 Oct 2019 for Summer Photorealism

What's left after all the kids and parents have gone inside

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Update - 4 Nov 2019

Final Submission 

All in Blender 2.79, textures from Poliigon. The background bush scene and Australian Flag images were CC images found online.

rendered at 800samples with de-noiser.

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Update - 2 Nov 2019

quick screen shot for you...

now to hit render and hope my machine doesn't die..lol

Update - 30 Oct 2019

Updated, different angle

Update - 29 Oct 2019

Getting there

Update - 27 Oct 2019

Just some asset shots for you 

Update - 24 Oct 2019

Lets give this ago!

Summer here in Australia mean weekends by the pool (or beach). 

Attempting to re-create my backyard/pool

since it's night here at the moment i'll take pictures tomorrow to show you what i'm attempting

This (above) is the pool scene I’m attempting to recreate more or less. Won’t be exact

adding a few more objects to the scene....coming along nicely

machine starting to slow down  a bit with all the textures lol