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Sane Park
by sanepark on 11 Oct 2019 for Summer Photorealism


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Update - 1 Nov 2019

So this is the final! 
There're many things and areas that I think it needs to be improved, like
better texturing, lighting, render sampling/quality -almost everything!

But I learned a lot and had fun a lot! Good luck to you all!

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Update - 29 Oct 2019

I put movements for the leaves and did a test render to see if all the animation works.
Looks little too wavy, but hope it works when it's out of focus in camera shot.

cycles render shot for fun!

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Update - 28 Oct 2019

Here I put a butterfly flying around the scene! 
Learned from one of AgenZasBrothers(CGBoost) youtube video!

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Update - 16 Oct 2019

The scene is already heavy enough with the thousands of particles for the grasses and flowers, I decided to use some photos for the background elements; all from textures.com!

Testing out a simple camera movement with a sound (from SoundEffectsFactory!)

Update - 15 Oct 2019

I made some assets for the scene! and I think I need to make more foliage like flowers and ivy along the process! Got huge help from tutorial by AgenZasBrothers (now as CGBoosts)!

Started to spread grasses and flowers, but not sure if my computer can handle the scene further. will see!

Cycle render looks good but the computer bout to get blew up!


Update - 13 Oct 2019

I did modeling and texturing the main house today. Making windows was challenging! Textures don't really sing when it gets closed up, but I think it looks okay in distance! And I decided the camera angle! 

Update - 11 Oct 2019

I was studying abroad for about 4 yrs and came back a few month ago, it was nice to spend time with my family this summer. Seems like my mom had fun with gardening while I was gone; meaning I have to learn a lot about making foliage for this!

I roughly placed simple meshes to get the overall distribution and scales. 
I think need to choose a specific camera angle (or movement, hopefully) for the final scene. 

I started with making a building. And... only a week left!?!