Poke on the beach
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Poke on the beach

Federico Bonometti
by fedbon on 7 Oct 2019 for Summer Photorealism

A memory of last summer: eating poke on the beach while the sun rises

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Update - 3 Nov 2019

This project was really exciting under many aspects. I learnt a lot about how powerful Blender is: I had no idea there was a compositing workspace inside of it with such great tools!
I was not sure on how to make the sky, so I started simulating smoke and then with the help of the compositing nodes I came up with more believable clouds.

The two pics below are the same image, I just cropped this one which is my final submission.
I wanted to give it a more cinematographic look and the composition looks more harmonious to me.

The image below is the render from Blender at size 2880x1660

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Update - 13 Oct 2019

If I'll have some time I'll make some more changes

Update - 11 Oct 2019

The progress so far. Still something to add and I need to tweak some elements a bit

Update - 9 Oct 2019

Update - 7 Oct 2019

Textures made in substance exept for the tuna cube done in Blender

Working on the clouds with some simple physics 

Update - 5 Oct 2019

I want to recreate a beautiful moment I lived last summer. On a nice rocky beach in the early morning, eating an hawaiian poke while the sun rises

I'm modeling some of the poke elements using lattice