Student Reel

Student Reel

by briannl on 1 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A demo reel consisting my latest lighting and look development work in SCAD. Music downloaded from

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A look development project inspired by a photo by Vsevolod Belousov ( 

I used this project to learn Mari and Houdini, while improving my shading and lighting skill. Modeled using Zbrush and Maya, textured using Mari and Substance Painter, fluid simulation done in Houdini, lighting and rendering using Arnold for Maya, post processed with Nuke.

A lookdev project on integrating fantasy concepts into a photoreal environment. The idea was to combine candies with plants creating a unique fantastical plant concept. All assets were created by me, shaded procedurally using Arnold for Maya.

A cinematic car look development project during an internship at Turn 10 Studios.

Model provided by Turn 10 Studios
Responsibility: Texture, Look Development, Lighting, Rendering
Software Used: Substance Painter, V-Ray

An environment art project done to learn how to use real-time technology. Assets were modeled using Zbrush, retopo-ed in Maya, textured using Substance Painter and assembled in Unreal Engine 4. Zdepth pass were exported to Nuke in order to get a better result from the camera depth of field.

Special thanks to Bryant Nelms for helping me with the cinematography. 

A digital human look development project based on a shaman sculpt by Muhammad Aiman Zubir (

Props are textured in Substance Painter, skin in Mari using pack, with additional displacement sculpted in Zbrush. Lighting and shading are done using Arnold for Maya. Final adjustments are done in Nuke.

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