Rose Tea
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Rose Tea

Fatima Alkhatib
by fatima on 14 Oct 2019 for Summer Photorealism

A photorealistic try of the scene from the anime Violet Evergarden.

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Update - 26 Oct 2019

This is my final submission.  

Using Blender compositor.

a previous version with water drops on the buds

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Update - 26 Oct 2019

Finally added some hair particles to the sepals and holes as a torn effect for the dehydrated buds and adding some sunbeams. 

Put sunlight, Hdri Image, and some area lights. 

Render, texture & lighting tests

Update - 14 Oct 2019

I've put all the elements in the scene and sculpted the tea, applied some basic materials and took a quick test render with some lighting. 

Update - 5 Oct 2019

Update - 29 Sep 2019

What came to my mind thinking about summer is rose tea which uses rosebuds that are dried in spring to be used afterward (especially in summer) and I remember drinking rose tea for the first time last summer in Dubai, nothing better than a family gathering and drinking that tea with Its fragrance that creates great memories of summer.

The reference image I'm using is a fanart of the scene from the great anime Violet Evergarden.

Some First Blocking WIPs