Calm Holidays
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Calm Holidays

by fylexr on 23 Sep 2019 for Summer Photorealism

Entry to the Blender Contest where I try to reproduce my country house.

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Update - 24 Oct 2019

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Update - 24 Oct 2019

Changed the composition of the picture. Makes the bottle more visible and the sun's rays reveal some details like the marks on the glass.

I will re-post the wireframe and the clay render.

I used blender for the compositing except for the glow where I used Natron that has a lot of community-made nodes.

Update - 15 Oct 2019

Little breakdown about the textures in the scene.

The procedural ones and the painted ones.

Update - 15 Oct 2019

I think this one is the last, I might just change the compositing.

The tree was made with tree it using the spruce asset and then tweaked it a bit in blender because the leaves' repartition wasn't really good. I changed the bottle's label which is no longer a texture but a boolean to add thickness to it. I added little details that we can really see but I think they are part of the realism like lips print on the glass, fingerprints on the bottle, moths around lights and clothespins.

It was a cool challenge I learned a lot of little things like managing a project and keep it clean.

Next I will provide breakdown pictures.

Update - 5 Oct 2019

Added Textures on the bottle and liquid in the glass. Changed the composition a bit and added ivies.

I used the ivygen addon to add them in seconds but the leaves aren't really realistic so I might add my own particle system. I will also add a third lamp behind the camera to reveal the foreground a bit.

Used the old mist pass to quickly add some atmospheric effect on the mountains.

I also used the Intel denoiser of the 2.81 to get rid of some noise but I kept some to keep the sharpness of the picture.

Finally, I got rid of 1 of the cloths drying it seemed to take too much space and was too dynamic for the mood.

If I have the time I will add little details with texture painting and a tree on the left of the picture to help focalize the attention on the right of the picture.

Update - 26 Sep 2019

Added the glass and the baileys' bottle.

I'm working on a quick mountain for the background.

I think i'll change the hdri which is too bright, I intend to make it an "almost night" scene.

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Update - 23 Sep 2019

Trying to reproduce my country house where I spent my holidays.

Textures are from  and the hdri (that  I might change) is from

The textures are also tweaked using procedural textures.

Screenshot from the previs view of Blender.