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The Sculptor

The Sculptor

by Jake Radcliff, Joseph Catalano, and claravazquez on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A yeti-bear climbs a mountain and sculpts our solar system.

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The Sculptor

The Sculptor is a project I directed and worked on in my final semester of university. It is the story of Melvin, a yeti-bear creature, that creates the planets in our solar system. 

I created the storyboards for this short during my freshman year with my friend Lilian Ibrahim. We did not have the skills to move the project forward at that time, so we just let the idea sit. During my senior year, I decided to pick the project up again an complete it with some of my classmates. I was the director of the project but I also worked on modeling, animation, lighting, and compositing. Below is a video showing my non-directorial work on this project. 

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