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The Biomechanoid Heart

The Biomechanoid Heart

Gergő Kovács
by qbrt on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

The process of the making of my first graphic novel. Started with a few sketches, forms and ideas and the love of the Alien movies, the designs of H.R. Giger and the old Guyver story. Always fascinated by the human anatomy and robotics. So I started to explore a world, mixture of these things.

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"The Biomechanoid Heart"

A story of my in the development. Will create a series of short stories built around a world I have been working on about 10 years now. It's a constant on and off process. I have started to work on it through my college years and then dropped it... forgot about it. And about one and a half years ago I found my old concepts and fell in love with the idea again.

So this is my journey (a part of it at least, because it's still in the first phase) of making my first graphic novel.

My main inspirations were the "Alien/Prometheus" stories, the Giger like designs and the "Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor" story. I have been always fascinated by the human anatomy and the modern technology, robotics. And this "biomechanoid world" is the perfect mixture for me. 
So it all begins with some "cool soldier" concepts with big shoulders and guns.

So at this point I have realized the forms I have created are too symmetrical and regular. I wanted something much more "living like". Something that gives the feeling of an evolved, grown biological armor. An always changing and evolving outlook that acts upon the environmental factors. 
So I tried to go further with the design and include illustration based character designs too... to put the characters into a situation to be able to explore their features and outlook.

After all these sketches and concepts, a unique style has started to take form in my mind. Forms, shapes and colors...a unique mood. A world where metallic bodyparts squeks and everything is covered with somekind of synthetic, sticky sweat.

This was the moment, the
"Biomechanoid Heart" took shape

After a series of "random" illustrations (these helped a lot in the exploration phase)
I have started to work on specific lead characters, character types.

And this is the journey of my first graphic novel so far... Still soo much work to do. A whole world needs to be built up from the ground. 

Thank you for your time

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