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Shirzad Bahrami

Shirzad Bahrami

Shirzad Bahrami
by shirzadbh on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

My Latest Works

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01: "Ana De Armas" | Facial modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.

The main goal of this project was modeling, unwrapping, texturing, rendering and rigging that wasn't finished unfortunately to achieve this competition. Although the project isn't completed yet, but i would mind to share the research and developments(R&D) and the process of my work

After face modeling and retopology, when i started to rigging i understood that without coding the connection management, which could be about thousands of connections, it's very difficult.

So i started to writing a script for rigging management with MaxScript.

One of the difficult point in this project is that every change of blend shapes or rig controller maps would change simultaneously in deformation. Which you can see one of them in here.

The next important thing to be real face is about sticky lips.

Blend shape test.

Some low res test render without final hair :(

02: "Sophia" | Facial modeling, texturing, rendering.

03: "Old man" | Facial modeling, texturing, rendering.

04: "MP28" | World War II Gun, modeling, texturing, rendering.

05: "Alien" | modeling, texturing, rendering

06: "Drift" | Rendering.

07: "Bed" | Modeling, rendering.

08: "Peace" | Interior rendering.

09: "Cricket" | Designing, modeling, animation and render.

10: "Car Rig" | Rigging in 3Ds Max.

11: "Transform Switch + Blend IK/FK" | Created in MaxScript

12: "OBJ Sequence Exporter" | Created in MaxScript

13: "Portrait" | Digital paint in Samsung Note 5

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