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Nao Tokunaga
by naotokunaga on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

PICO RUSTA has a rusted industrial site and colorful residential area for workers and downtown. Nao developed the look of the environments based on the character's emotion. Enjoy:)

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                                                     PICO RUSTA 

                                                                             - Story -

A scientist who failed project was sent to

Pico Rusta to do minor research about the rusted industrial place. He wasn't excited about the place, but a strange girl in the town changed his mind.

Nao developed the mood and look of environments based on his emotions.

Enjoy :)

     ▲ Mood Painting - Interior of the scientist's room (when he just moved in)

                                     ▲ Mood Painting - Arrival 

                                               ▲ Mood Painting - Workers are going home          

                                                      ▲ Look Experiments - Market and Workers

                                     ▲ Mood Painting - Working all day

                                           ▲ Mood Painting - Rusted Construction Site

                                                                 ▲ STORY DEVELOPMENT

                                    ▲ Mood Painting - look of the city at night

                                  ▲ Mood Painting - Exploring place.

                                   ▲ Mood Painting - Downtown

                                             ▲  Composition Experiment  with SketchUp

                                      ▲ Mood Painting - Downtown View

                                       ▲ Detailed Design - Liquor Store

                                  ▲ Design Thumbnail - Shophouses  

                                       ▲ Mood Painting - Downtown

                                     ▲ Mood Painting - Colorful Residential Area

                                               ▲ Design Thumbnail - Apartments

                                       ▲ Mood Painting - Interior of Garage 

                               ▲ Flat  Design - Vehicle Design for Construction Workers 

                    ▲ Design Thumnail - Vehicle Design for Construction Workers

            ▲ Mood Painting - Interior of the scientist's room (when he started liking the city)

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